IXTAbox 2024 with LED and Rails - IXTAbox

The all improved IXTAbox 2024

  • Improved design with new dimensions
  • 210x38, 190x45, 190x38, 175x45 and 175x38 (cm)
  • Same weight, increased volume 390/420/350/380/320 liters
  • Sportier look with further improved aerodynamics
  • Now with internal LED-lights for Scandinavian winters
  • Stronger hinges
  • Integrated handle for easier handling
  • New matt graphite gray powder coating

Same price independent of model - choose the right model for your need

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2024 IXTAbox

The latest and most enhanced IXTAbox. Further improved aerodynamic properties, new streamlined design, interior LED and increased volume.

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IXTAbox 2023

Improved aerodynamic properties through the implementation of wings and easy adjustable towing hook fixation.

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IXTAbox 2022

Stronger, adjustable towing hook fixation device.

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IXTAbox 2021

New design and new version of towing hook fixation

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IXTAbox - Custom (150cm - 210cm wide) - IXTAbox

IXTAbox 2020

First version of the IXTAbox. Breaking ground for high quality backboxes.

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IXTAbox Essentials

Rail Fixation Brackets with straps

Rail fixation devices make it possible to add things on-top of your IXTAbox, e.g., longer skies and additional gear.


Rail Bumpers

Use rail bumpers to ensure that the rails do not damage your cars rear when opening the lid. 


Rubber Matt 749kr

3.5mm rubber matt will protect both the box and your gear, as well as prevent water to enter from the drainage holes in the bottom of the box.

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Straps Kit 449kr

Set of four strong nylon straps

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