Roofbox VS IXTAbox

Dive into the list of benefits that come with using an IXTAbox in comparison to a common roofbox.


A roofbox has difficult access

- Hard to reach / unreachable luggage and equipment.
- Some need to open door and stand on the frame of the car to reach luggage and equipment.

IXTAbox has EASY access

- Everyone has easy access to luggage and equipment, plus access to the trunk of the car.


A roofbox is difficult to mount

- Takes 10-30 minutes to mount with 2 people.
- More steps, such as mounting rails.
- Total weight of 20-35kg, including rails

IXTAbox is EASY to mount

- Mount and dismount in seconds with 1-2 people.
- Weight of 20-35kg

Customizable Position

Limited customizability

- Roofbox solutions are limited by the type of rail your car has. 

- You have to buy different types of rails to fit different types of cars which, in turn, limit your options.

IXTAbox fits the majority of cars

-The height of IXTAbox can be adjusted by changing the position of the towing hook fixation device allowing most car trunk doors to be opened while using it. 

-This can also position IXTAbox so that the registration sign holder can be seen. In case it is covered, an extra registration sign holder can be added to IXTAbox.  


30 to 40% increased drag

- Higher fuel consumption, limiting range.
- Higher costs.

-5* to15% increased drag

- <5% increase in fuel consumption.
- Smarter option, as it makes little to no impact on range.
*Under certain conditions IXTAbox can be positioned so that it improves the car’s performance.

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IMPLICATIONS of roofbox position

- Overall driving performance deteriorates due to side and front wind impact leading to reduced manouverability.
- In a crash situation, even at rather low speeds;
i.e., 50 km/h most roof boxes have a high risk of their
content breaking through and flying out of the roofbox.

IXTAbox mounted on a SAFER spot of the car

- You can always drive at your regular speed when using an IXTAbox.
- IXTAbox is positioned behind the car and low to the ground reducing the risk of gear projecting to the front hitting another car in a crash situation. 


A roofbox may get you dirty

- Hard to clean due to position and the partly sensitive materials.
- Gets you dirty when reaching up for your luggage and equipment.

IXTAbox keeps your clothes clean

- IXTAbox can be cleaned with a water hose or a pressure washer.
- Dirty and wet things can go into the IXTAbox, keeping you and your vehicle clean.

Multipurpose Design

Rooftop box = single purpose

- Designed only to add storage to your car. The rest of the time it will only sit in storage.


- Designed for multiple types of gear: bike rack, skis, golf, kite surfing, camping, etc.
- Bike racks can be mounted on top of the box.
- IXTAbox doubles as storage at home. Your gear can always be packed and ready.

Multipurpose Design

In IXTAbox

- IXTAbox is designed for multiple types of gear. Anything from skis, strollers, golf gear, suitcases, supermarket bags, tools, camping gear, you name it!

On IXTAbox

- Bike racks can be mounted on top of IXTAbox.

- Most things that do not fit inside IXTAbox can be mounted and secured on top.


- IXTAbox doubles as storage at home. Your gear can always be packed and ready.

- Perfect for pillows, fire wood, tools, suitcases, pool toys, etc.


Roofboxes increase the noise inside the cabin


- IXTAbox will not make any noise while driving at higher speeds.


Made out of plastics

- Plastic, Fiberglass and Aluminium.


- Salt water resistant-auminum Body.
- Acid Resistant Stainless steel components.

Made in Sweden

IXTAbox is DESIGNED & BUILT in Sweden.

Roofboxes are commonly produced in low cost countries.

The All New 2024 IXTAbox

The latest and most enhanced IXTAbox. Further improved aerodynamic properties, new streamlined design, interior LED and increased volume.

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