Why IXTAbox?

What are the benefits of an IXTAbox?

IXTAbox was designed in Sweden with easy access in mind for families who enjoy any outdoor sport such as skiing and kitesurfing. 

Its smart design is aerodynamic and silent in comparison with any rooftop box, which means you can travel further while using IXTAbox. 

To use IXTAbox you only need a towing hook, and mounting is straightforward. 

If you are interested in a deeper dive into the benefits of an IXTAbox, make sure to visit our comparison page against an average roofbox.

How does IXTAbox compare to other backboxes or rooftop boxes?

The IXTAbox is designed to be versatile, sturdy and of a higher lasting quality than most other products on the market. 

Moreover, the biggest impact you will notice apart from the ease of use is the quality of life upgrade while on long drives with an IXTAbox. The shape and position of an IXTAbox mean its silent while driving at high speeds and more importantly it has a smaller impact on fuel consumption.

IXTAbox is made from higher quality sustainable and recyclable materials, such as salt water-resistant aluminium and acid-resistant stainless steel - a much tougher and more durable alternative. Most other products on the market are made of plastic or sensitive fibreglass.

Does an IXTAbox weigh more or less than a rooftop box?

The weight of an IXTAbox is in line with rooftop boxes of the corresponding volume; in some cases, it is even lighter while keeping its sturdier design and higher-quality materials.

Can I fit my skis in an IXTAbox?

Yes, IXTAbox is designed with skis in mind. 

We recommend our 190cm sized IXTAbox, as it fits most ski sizes, including longer sizes than the box, as they can sit diagonally in the IXTAbox. 

Nonetheless, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us and ask what IXTAbox size is best for you.


How does the IXTAbox not tilt while driving and turning? 

The patented towing hook fixture is designed with two half-domed shaped metal pieces that tightly enclose both the head and part of the shaft of the hook. This makes the IXTAbox stable and will not tilt under normal circumstances.

Does a fully packed IXTAbox affect driving performance and grip?

Both IXTAbox and tow bars are designed to manage more than their stated weight; however, for safety and regulatory purposes, we recommend you distribute the approved maximum payload evenly in the backbox, also ensuring the longevity of your IXTAbox. Preferably place the heavier gear close to the car and at the centre of the box.  

However, in case you load an IXTAbox with more weight than approved, you will likely experience reduced steering and front-wheel traction performance, especially if you have a front-wheel drive car.

How does driving in reverse work while using an IXTAbox? 

If your car is fitted with back sensors, they will indicate that something is in the way, as the IXTAbox will trigger them. Consequently, they will not be operational to support you when driving in reverse, so be extra vigilant, use mirrors and if applicable back-camera, when driving in reverse. 

In most cars the reverse camera is positioned above the number plate, in those cases, it provides excellent support to see behind the car.

If you drive a Tesla, you can even have the back camera on while driving and see how the IXTAbox performs on the road. 

Can I use an IXTAbox that is wider than the car?

Yes, in most European countries it is allowed to attach trailers to your towing hook that are up to 2.6m wide with a normal car. We recommend you check out your local requirements. 

In cases where a trailer or equipment is wider than your car, you must mount white lights and/or reflexes towards the front near the edges of the trailer. 

IXTAbox provides red reflexes and back lights (LED light models), plus in custom larger models we provide the white reflexes. 

Using a wider box than your car adds extra wind drag resistance, which reduces driving range. Moreover, as a driver, you must be more vigilant towards your surroundings.

Which IXTAbox is right for me?

What sizes are available and what if I need a different seized IXTAbox?

We offer IXTAbox in various sizes. Our recommended lengths are 190cm and 210cm, while the heights we offer are 38cm and 45 cm. 

In case you are looking for another size, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I choose my IXTAbox’s colour look?

You can order your IXTAbox with any colour you want within the RAL colour scheme. Make sure to choose this add-on when ordering your IXTAbox.

Can I open the rear door of the car while using an IXTAbox?

In most cases, you can. At the end of the day, this will depend on the type of car you drive and the height of the IXTAbox you choose. 

You can refer to our Box Guide to measure your car or please do not hesitate to contact us and ask what IXTAbox size is best for you.

Taking care of my IXTAbox

How does an IXTAbox handle road salt, dirt, traffic conditions and galvanic corrosion?

IXTAbox is built using saltwater-resistant aluminium and acid-resistant stainless steel, so it is made to withstand normal wear and tear from regular traffic conditions. We have designed and produced it in Sweden, so it is made to endure the shifting Scandinavian climate. 

There are situations where some materials can generate galvanic corrosion, however, due to the selection of these alloyed metals, this will not happen under normal circumstances. 

Aluminium reacts with oxygen creating a protective white layer, aluminium oxide. This is natural and protects the underlying material. Your IXTAbox can turn whitish with time due to this natural patina within a few months (applicable for aluminium models). Strong acids or alkaline substances, should not be in contact with aluminium, since they will corrode it. 

To maintain the box finish use fresh water. In case stronger acids or alkaline substances are present, use fresh water to clean the box immediately.

How do I wash my IXTAbox?

The best way to wash your IXTAbox is to hose it down with water. If extra cleaning is needed you can use regular household cleaning detergent; however, we do not recommend strong acidic products.

Is there a risk of scratches on my IXTAbox?

IXTAbox is designed with rough and consistent use in mind, so we believe scratches are reminders of the adventures you go to with IXTAbox. However, if you are looking for a box that has higher scratch resistance, we recommend our structured finish models.

Is IXTAbox water-tight?

IXTAbox is not water-tight, but it is fitted with rubber sealings that minimise the entry of dust and water into the box. 

IXTAbox’s design is focused on usability and frequent rough use, and we cannot ensure it is water-tight under all conditions. IXTAbox is fitted with drainage holes for easy washing and cleaning. 

Under snowy conditions, it is possible that some snowflakes enter the box. This is due to the wind turbulence created behind the car.