Benefits of an IXTAbox over a Roofbox


- Hard to reach / unreachable gear.

- Some need to open door and stand on the frame of the car to reach gear.


- Everyone has easy access to gear and access to the trunk of the car.


Mounting & Dismounting

- Takes 10-30 minutes to mount with 2 people.

- More steps, such as mounting rails.

- Total weight of 20-35kg, including rails

- Mount and dismount in seconds with 1-2 people.

- Weight of 20-35kg



Wind Drag

Images from study done by Marcus Sandberg at Chalmers University depicting wind speed (m/s) when travelling with an IXTAbox vs a normal roof box. 


- Higher fuel consumption, limiting range.

- Higher costs.

- <5% increase in fuel consumption.

- Smarter option, as it makes little to no impact on range.

*Under certain conditions IXTAbox can be positioned so that it improves the car’s performance.







- Overall driving performance deteriorates due to side and front wind impact leading to reduced manouverability

- In a crash situation, even at rather low speeds; i.e., 50 km/h most roof boxes have a high risk of their content breaking through and flying out of the roofbox.

- You can always drive at your regular speed when using an IXTAbox.

- IXTAbox sits closer to the ground and on the back of the car, reducing the risk of gear shooting to the front of the car during a crash.




- Hard to clean due to position and the partly sensitive materials.

- Gets you dirty when reaching up for your gear.

- IXTAbox can be cleaned with a water hose or a pressure washer.

- Dirty and wet things can go into the IXTAbox, keeping you and your vehicle clean.




- Designed just to add storage to your car. 

- Designed for multiple types of gear: bike rack, skis, golf, kite surfing, camping, etc.

- Bike racks can be mounted on top of the box.

- IXTAbox doubles as storage at home. Your gear can always be packed and ready.




- Plastic, Fiberglass and Aluminium.

- Salt water resistant-aluminum Body.

- Acid Resistant Stainless steel components.



Made in Sweden




- Besides the roofbox, you need rails to mount it.
- Home delivery included in price.




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