Exclusive Innovative Design

We create premium products with eye-catching designs!

The patented and innovative design is timeless, with elegant and aesthetic lines. 

Our exclusive product is made from the highest quality materials. The saltwater-resistant aluminum and acid-resistant stainless steel will provide you with a more elegant, durable and sustainable product. We do not cut corners with plastic!

We initially developed the IXTAbox to solve our own personal need for moving equipment with our Tesla X. However, we quickly realized the benefits of our backbox and further developed it to fit most cars. 

The patented adjustment fixture allows you to easily fit the IXTAbox to most cars. This same fixture can also be used for different boxes and other IXTAbox platforms, going in-line with our desire to develop fewer but better products for multiple use.

We believe in exclusive innovative design.

A Multipurpose Product

We believe a product should always have multiple purposes. You then need fewer products - which is good for you and for the Planet!

Comfortably access your gear! 

Gone are the times you needed to be 2 meters tall and athletic to reach your skis, surfboard, fishing rods or other gear from the rooftop of your car…

Now with an IXTAbox, all of your friends and family can easily access the gear!

Furthermore, your things are safe and secure in the IXTAbox. The lock fixture mechanism ensures only you can unhinge the box from the car. Locks on the lid closing mechanism also ensure your gear is safe. 

An elegant and safe way to store your equipment at home. 

How many other backboxes are designed to actually store things in them when you are not transporting gear in them?

At IXTAbox we take pride in being innovative. The IXTAbox has rubber feet on it, making it easy to place in your home without scratching the floor when you store things in it. The fixture and reflexes are simple to remove, making it easy for you to place your premium IXTAbox product anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, year round. 

Why not use it to store your firewood, or pillows on the terrace, or to sit on it as an outdoor bench?

Drive normally! 

Driving with an IXTAbox provides good comfort and value, since you can drive at regular speeds compared to using a trailer which limits your speed.

You do not need to worry about height restrictions in ferries or parking garages, which can be a hassle with a roof top box.

Provides longer fuel range.

Because of its positioning behind the car, the IXTAbox reduces air resistance and therefore provides improved fuel economy compared to rooftop boxes and roof bars. The IXTAbox ensures a more sustainable, less costly, and also, a more quiet ride! 

Direct client delivery - no middle man. 

We work hard to provide our high quality backbox at a good price. We achieve this by delivering products directly to our customers and by interacting directly with you. You are the ones using our products, giving feedback, and being part of the continued development and evolution of our products.

By delivering directly to our customers, we also reduce the number of steps from the normal distribution chains, thus providing a high quality, multipurpose premium product at good value.