Backbox - IXTAbox 2024 with LED and Rails

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28 900 kr
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Included with your order

  • IXTAbox 2024
  • Rail bumbers - 2 colors
  • 13-7 Canbus Connection
  • Two padlocks - one for locking the IXTAbox to the towing hook and one for locking the lid

 Large IXTAbox Backbox in matt gray with a smooth finish.

IXTAbox 2024 is a premium backbox made to withstand the toughest conditions of any adventure. From professional use to everyday activities the brand new IXTAbox 2024 is the ultimate travel companion ensuring plenty of storage space for all your gear with unmatched accessibility

The backbox - IXTAbox 2024 increases storage space, makes mounting easier than ever and guarantees superior aerodynamic properties compared to a roof box. When a backbox is placed behind the vehicle, the wind drag is reduced significantly resulting in better fuel efficiency, improved range and a silent experience inside the car.

Simultaneously, thanks to the backbox being mounted on the towing hook, accessibility is improved for everyone resulting in a better experience for the whole family. Finally everyone in the family can reach their gear in a safe manner making it an user friendly and easy experience to load and un-load the IXTAbox.

IXTAbox 2024 is made in Sweden from high quality sustainable and recyclable materials, such as salt water-resistant aluminium and acid-resistant stainless steel - a much tougher and durable combination compared to most other back boxes which are made out of plastic or fiberglass.

No matter your personal demand the IXTAbox 2024 is the premium alternative for anyone, anywhere and always.

  • Backbox with improved design with new dimensions and increased volume.
    • 2024 IXTAbox Ski XL Streamline 210x38 » Volume of 390 liters
    • 2024 IXTAbox Ski 190x45 » Volume of 420 liters
    • 2024 IXTAbox Ski Streamline190x38 » Volume of 350 liters
    • 2024 IXTAbox 175x45  » Volume of 380 liters
    • 2024 IXTAbox Streamline 175x38  » Volume of 320 liters
    • (All 2024 models are 55cm deep)
  • Sportier look with further improved aerodynamics.
  • Integrated position, break and directional LED lights for added security.
  • Now with internal LED lights for Scandinavian winters. No switch is needed.
  • New durable matt graphite powder coating.
  • Pre-mounted lid fixation rails for longer gear and bike racks. 
  • Further improvements like stronger hinges, rail bumpers, handle for easy carrying and 3D-printed bolt covers.

If you want to have your IXTAbox personalised into your own colour, add RAL code in your email to IXTAbox. Personalised color cost 5000 SEK and delivery time is normally 6-8 weeks.

IXTAbox Size Comparison

Unsure what size is right for you? Check out our detailed comparison.

Improved Design With New Dimensions

The all-improved backbox IXTAbox has an increased height and depth from 40x50cm to 45x55cm, maintaining the length at 190cm. This new design increases the loading capacity from 350 liters to 420 liters. For smaller cars, we have created the all-new 175cm long IXTAbox. 

When you want a more streamlined version and fewer Liters are enough, select one of the IXTAbox Streamline versions which are 38 cm high and come in three different lengths: 175, 190 and 210cm. 

Still, the box appears smaller and has further improved aerodynamic properties due to the inclined bottom rear section of the box.

Streamlined Design Improved Aerodynamics

The IXTAbox position behind the car provides superior aerodynamic properties versus a roofbox. This has been further refined with a new inclination of the rear section of the box. This, in combination with the wings at the botton front part of the box, ensures minimal turbulence inbetween the car and box. Together these improvements provide an even more streamlined aerodynamic profile reducing wind drag for the car and box.

From Dark to Light

New for IXTAbox 2024 are strong LED lights (White 6000K LED) all around the interior of the box. This ensures easy access to your belongings any time of the day. The lights are automatically on (no switch needed) when the cars position lights are on.

The exterior LED lights provide increased saftey through integrated position, break and directional lights.

Durable Gray Matt Powder Coating

The dark graphite colored matt powder coating provide a combination of timeless aesthetics and enhanced durability.

Premounted Lid Fixation Rails

Makes it easy to bring bikes and longer gear on the tour. The rails widens your possibilities to go wherever you want with almost anything you want. Fits up to two bike racks.

Tip: If you have skiis longer than 190cm an option is to put them in a ski bag and mount them on the rails.

Additional Improvements on the IXTAbox 2024

  • Wider, smoother and stronger stainless steel hinges.
  • The stainless steal support system of the IXTAbox has been further strengthend and includes a built in grip making it easier to mount and dismount the box. The support structure also prevents the lid from opening more than 93° minimizing the risk of the lid hitting the rear of the car.
  • Custom rail bumps in different colors.

Keep Your Car Clean and IXTAbox "Dirty"

Salty and sandy wetsuits and kite gear? Snowy skis and boots? Or in general anything wet, muddy, smelly or sharp? Transport in the IXTAbox for a more joyful ride.

Easy Packing, Easy Overview

All your gear at your fingertips.

Why IXTAbox?

Using an IXTAbox has a long list of benefits. We've detailed the most important ones.

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