IXTAbox - Designed to be EASY

IXTAbox was initially created out of the need to make it EASIER for big families with children to travel while taking gear and luggage. Using a common roof box works for some, but it can become too inconvenient and complicated when only some people in the family can reach up to the roof of the car. Moreover, roof boxes can be simply impossible to use for some people, e.g. people with injuries, disabilities and the elderly. 

We have split three major categories explaining IXTAbox’s design strengths that make adding space to your car easier.   



The position of the IXTAbox opens the door for everyone in the family to have access to the contents of the box. IXTAbox keeps your luggage at your fingertips, basically acting as a natural extension to the trunk of the car. 

This applies to many situations. In our case, when skiing or kitesurfing, the kids used to not have access to their own gear before IXTAbox. They would always rely on an adult to help them when packing and unpacking, adding to stress and time. IXTAbox has also made it easier for people with injuries or disabilities who have a hard time reaching up to the roof of the car. 

The ability to mount bicycles on top of an IXTAbox is also incredibly beneficial. This feature makes it easy to mount and dismount a couple of bikes while the extra room for more luggage is not lost. 



We used to believe that the hassle of mounting a roof box on a car was a natural part of having the extra space, but we were wrong. IXTAbox has made it easier than ever to add and remove the extra space in the car when needed and in seconds. 

We found the solution to this hassle in a removable towing hook fixation mechanism that allows us to secure an IXTAbox to the car easily. This can be done by our recommended two people, but it is quite possible to be mounted by a single person. 

All of this has equated to an easier process to mount and dismount with fewer steps and no climbing on the car. 


Our third focus when designing IXTAbox to be easy was on making it simple to clean and maintain. This is why we decided on high-quality materials that needed less maintenance and can withstand all types of adventure and time. 

Cleaning is straightforward, as it can be done using a hose or a power washer directly on the box.

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