Why should I buy an IXTAbox?


The benefits of an IXTAbox

✓Easy Access - Gear is easily accessible to everyone.

✓Comes in many sizes. Fits any car - Choose the perfect size that fits your car.

✓Longer Range - Extended range compared to a normal rooftop box.

✓Easy to use - Mount and dismount in seconds using your car hook.

✓Exclusive Design - Eye catching timeless design.

✓Low noise - Silent compared to using rooftop boxes.

✓Multipurpose - Store things inside even when you are not transporting   them, and always be packed for your next adventure.

✓Lasting Quality - Premium materials and construction of aluminum and acid resistant stainless steel.

✓Sustainable - Own a smaller car but still fit all your things. Product made of 100% reusable materials.

✓Easy to clean - Wash off the box and your gear in a single go!

✓Keep your car’s interior clean - Wet or dirty equipment will not deteriorate your car’s interior.

✓Perfect for electrical vehicles and more - Originally tailor made for Tesla cars. However, Innovative patented towing hook fixture and IXTAbox range of models ensures there is an IXTAbox that fits every car.

✓No speed limit - Unlike driving with a trailer at 80 km/h, you can drive at your regular speed.

✓Fewer things - Same towing hook fixture can be used for several sizes of boxes and other IXTAbox platforms.

✓Security - The IXTAbox can be locked to the towing hook. The lid can be locked using padlocks.

✓Customize - Customize your IXTAbox. Add a bicycle rack or order it to match the color of your car.  

✓Made in Sweden - IXTAbox is designed and produced in Sweden and is made to endure tough climates.


Why an IXTAbox instead of alternative backboxes or rooftop boxes?

There are several reasons why it makes good sense to buy this premium product:

  • The IXTAbox is more versatile, sturdy and of a higher lasting quality than most other products on the market. 
  • Most other products on the market are made of plastic or sensitive fiberglass. The IXTAbox is made from higher quality sustainable and recyclable materials, such as salt water resistant aluminium and acid resistant stainless steel - a much tougher and durable alternative. 
  • IXTAbox provides a 10 years product warranty, while most rooftop boxes provide 5 years at the most, if any. 
  • Our backbox provides a much broader range of capabilities than a normal backbox or rooftop box. Use the backbox to transport your gear and things, however also use it to store your gear when you are not transporting it.   
  • It has a well thought out design where the boxes have been fitted with rubber feet to not scratch the floor. The backbox is excellent for storing ski-boots, skis, and other gear. Or why not use the box on the terrass to store your garden furniture pillows? 
  • When driving, you will notice that an IXTAbox is much quieter compared to a standard rooftop box.
  • IXTAbox has a unique patented design that in combination with placement behind the car, minimises air resistance compared to other alternatives. It therefore provides longer range driving for the same amount of gasoline or electricity, and thus is more sustainable.

    Does an IXTAbox weigh more or less than corresponding rooftop boxes?

    • Due to its smart design, the weight of the IXTAbox is in line with, or in some cases, lighter than a rooftop box of corresponding volume. One could imagine that because of its sturdier and higher quality materials, this would not be the case. 

    How does an IXTAbox handle road salt, dirt, traffic conditions and galvanic corrosion?

    • Because the box is made of saltwater resistant aluminum and acid resistant stainless steel, it is made to withstand normal wear and tear from regular traffic conditions.  
    • IXTAbox is designed and produced in Sweden. It is made to endure the shifting tough Scandinavian or Alpine climate 
    • In many situations, different materials can generate galvanic corrosion, however due to the selection of these alloyed metals, this will not happen under normal circumstances. 
    • Aluminium reacts with oxygen and creates a protective white layer, aluminium oxide. This is natural and protects the underlying aluminium material. Your IXTAbox will turn whitish and get this natural patina within a few months.
    • To maintain the box finish use fresh water. In case stronger acids or alkaline substances are present, use freshwater to clean the box immediately.
    • Strong acids (HCl, H2So4, etc) or alkaline substances, e.g., NH3, should not be in contact with aluminium, since it will corrode the aluminum.




      How does the IXTAbox not tilt while driving and turning? 

      • The patented towing hook fixture is designed with two half-domed shaped metal pieces that tightly enclose around both the head and part of the shaft of the hook. This makes the IXTAbox stable and will not tilt (under normal circumstances). 

      How does the car's steering performance and road grip react to a fully packed backbox? 

      • The IXTAbox and the tow-bar is designed to manage more than the stated weight, however for safety and regulatory purposes, and to ensure the longevity of your IXTAbox, you should always distribute the approved maximum payload evenly in the backbox. Preferably place the heavier gear close to the car and at the center of the box.  
      • Your car is dimensioned and certified to maintain required steering and road grip performance as long as you do not exceed the pressure on the tow-bar more than what it states. 
      • However, in case you load the backbox with more weight than approved, you will likely get reduced steering and front wheel traction performance, especially if you have a front wheel driven car.  It is common to load large objects (within limits) to the tow-bar, e.g., caravans, bicycles, trailers, motorbikes, etc. 

      Do drivers coming towards you get dazzled?  

      • When you load your IXTAbox within the car’s tow-bar approved weight you will not dazzle cars coming towards you with your backlights. You might dazzle them if you load the backbox past recommended weights, however, this might also depend on how weight is distributed in the rest of the car.  

      How does it work to drive in the reverse with an IXTAbox? 

      • In the case the car is fitted with back sensors, this will indicate that something is in the way; i.e., the backbox. Consequently, they will not be operational to support you when driving in reverse. Be extra vigilant, use mirrors and if applicable back-camera, when driving in reverse.  On most cars the reverse camera is positioned above the number plate, in those cases it provides excellent support to see behind the car.
      • If you drive a Tesla, you can even have the back camera on while driving and see how the IXTAbox performs on the road.


      What IXTAbox should I choose?


      What are the available sizes?

      The IXTAbox comes in various different sizes:

      • There are four different sizes of width: Small (150cm), Medium (170cm), Large (190cm), and XLarge (210cm). 
      • Each of these boxes can then have a different height. The available heights are 30cm, 40cm, 52cm, and 60cm. 

      See our Size Guide to help you choose which is the best fit for you and your car.


      Can I choose my IXTAbox’s color and look?

      • The standard IXTAboxes come in black, white or aluminum color. For an additional cost, however, you can make the box any color you want within the RAL color scheme, in order to make the box stand out more or match your car! 
      • Furthermore, you can choose a smooth finish or a structured one. The Smooth IXTAbox has a smooth lid and front, with structured sides. This backbox is slicker and more elegant. 
      • The Structured IXTAbox has a structured lid and sides, with a smooth front (but structured on the inside). This option has a rougher and cooler look, and has a slightly higher cost, because it is even sturdier and more scratch resistant. 


      Can I use an IXTAbox that is wider than the car?

      • Yes, you can use an IXTAbox that is wider than the car. In most European countries you can attach trailers or bring things on your tow-bar that are up to 2,60 m wide with a normal car. We recommend you check your local requirements.  In the case your trailer or equipment mounted on the tow-bar is wider than your car, the trailer / equipment has to have mounted white lights and/or reflexes mounted towards the front near the edges. Red lights or reflexes need to be mounted towards the rear close to the edges of the trailer / equipment.  
      • IXTAbox provides its boxes with white and red reflexes on the Large and XLarge models for traffic safety and to fulfil traffic regulations. 
      • Using a box that is wider than your car does add some extra drag resistance and reduces driving range. As a driver you have to be more vigilant towards your surroundings, but it is a convenient way to bring your long gear. 

      Can I open the rear door of the car while having an IXTAbox on the tow-bar?

      • Yes, in general. This depends on the height of the IXTAbox you choose (30cm, 40cm, 52cm, or 60cm) and on how the rear door of your car opens. The width of the box you choose (from 150cm to 210cm) does not affect whether or not you can open the rear door. 
      • In the size guide, you can read clear instructions on how to measure your car to guarantee that the rear door will open with the IXTAbox you buy. 

      Can I fit my skis in an IXTAbox?

      • Yes, standard ski sizes will fit into the Large and XLarge IXTAboxes. 


      Other FAQs


      How do I wash my IXTAbox?

      You can hose down your IXTAbox with water. If the box is very dirty, you can use any sort of regular household cleaning detergent, but we recommend not using very strong products, especially anything with acids. 

      What do I do if I get scratches on the IXTAbox? What can I do to reduce the risk of scratches?

      • Scratches – we call it patina or aged with beauty. Many of our customers take pride in having boxes that show that they have been well used.  It is unavoidable that you over time will get scratches on the box – It is one of those things you have to live with. 
      • Select an IXTAbox with a structured surface if you want a box that is much more scratch resistant compared to the smooth surfaced IXTAbox. The structured IXTAbox has texture on the lid, the sides and inside the box front, bottom and rear, however, it has a smooth surface on the large front area. 

      Is the IXTAbox watertight?

      • No, the IXTAbox is not watertight. IXTAbox does use rubber sealings to provide a high degree of tightness and minimise dust and water to enter the box. The construction includes drainage holes for  easy washing off and cleaning after use.The design of the IXTAbox is focused on usability for frequent rough use, and we cannot ensure it is watertight under all conditions.
      • In snowy conditions, you may find that some snow has entered the box. This is due to the turbulence created behind the car, and some snow flakes then might find its way behind the lid flanges and into the box. 


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