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      Our focus is on making IXTAbox a safer and more clever product. This is the reason we were impacted by a test done in 2014 by The Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) in Germany to answer; how does an average roof box perform in a rear-end collision at 50km/h? 

      In short, the roof box proved to have a high risk of its contents breaking through and flying out of the box. The roof box was loaded with 34 kilograms of unsecured winter sports equipment (skis, ski boots, curling stone and drinks). Even Though the maximum permissible load of the box was 50 kilograms, the entire contents slid forward and broke out of the box during the crash.

      IXTAbox was designed to sit on a safer spot on the car that allows you to drive at your regular speed while using it. Moreover, the risk of the gear shooting to the front of the car during a crash is highly reduced.