We focus on providing products that are made of high quality, sustainable, reusable, and lasting materials. 

These products help our customers to live more sustainable lives.​ 

Own a smaller car.

For most people, especially those living in cities, it is more ecological and practical to select a smaller car and to have ​an IXTAbox as your cargo companion when the need arises, thus overall contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Less air resistance.

Furthermore, the patented design of the IXTAbox and the box’s position behind the car, ensures less energy consumption when transporting your goods, in comparison to common alternatives. The box catches much less air resistance than the traditional roof box or bar, and therefore you have longer fuel range and a more sustainable travel. This is also very important when using electrical vehicles, since it greatly impacts how far you get on a charge.



High quality, long-lasting materials.

We also take pride in designing and producing these high quality products in Sweden and directly delivering to our customers. In this way we have complete control over the whole process, from;  in-house design - source right quality raw materials –  execute production at highest standards – deliver directly to our customers, which also helps to minimize unnecessary global logistical chains, thus reducing our carbon footprint. 

IXTAbox is designed with love, care and thoughts about the future. Every single part can be recycled, and it will last for decades. 

We are confident and proud to deliver quality premium products that will last for generations. We believe that “fewer, lasting products for multiple use”, is the future, and we at IXTAbox are proud to be fulfilling our motto.