2021 IXTAbox - Skibox (190cm wide) +

23 995 kr
23 995 kr
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LED Lights
Use rail bumpers to ensure that the rails do not damage your cars rear when opening the lid. Personalize your IXTAbox by choosing your favorite color combinations!

The Skibox is built to fit your skis, fishing rods and other gear up to 190cm. Even things up to 195 cm can can fit when placed diagonally.

This is the perfect family vacation work horse. All gear goes to the box, keeping the car clean and with easy access to everyone.

The Skibox comes with the removable towing hook fixation mechanism. 

Add a Custom Color, LED lights and Fixation Rails to create the perfect Skibox for you.

LED Lights

The LED lights are connected to the towing hook electrical outlet and will show Positioning-, Break-, and Directional light. All adding additional security. 
*All purchases with LED Light package include a Trailer Adapter. Select correct adapter for your vehicle and add to cart. 

Due to the position of the electrical outlet on Tesla Model 3 it is not compatible with this LED set-up.

There are multiple benefits to using the Skibox compared to regular rooftop boxes;

  • Ease of access for both kids and adults to the gear.
  • Reduced drag compared to rooftop boxes and racks. This enables longer drives with less gasoline or electricity consumption.
  • Unique design and material quality make you and the box stand out.
  • IXTAbox is fantastic to store your gear or other things when not transported.

Pending on the car you use, the 190 cm the Skibox might be wider than your car, however they are fitted with reflexes both towards the front and towards the back and thus permitted for regular traffic use.