2023 IXTAbox

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*We are constantly working on improving IXTAbox. The actual box may differ in some way to the image.

2023 IXTAbox


Aerodynamic and Silent

Drive further with IXTAbox without spending as much in fuel and without noise in the cabin.

An IXTAbox can increase drag by -5% to 10% meaning that with the right size and mounting, IXTAbox can have a positive aerodynamic impact. In contrast, an average roofbox increases drag from 38% to 43%.

Read full report here!

Easy Access for everyone

Your gear is now always at your fingertips without losing access to the trunk of the car.
No more reaching up to the roof of the car and getting dirty.

IXTAbox vs Roofbox

Made for skis

Designed and produced in Sweden with skiing families in mind. Fit your skis, but keep them at arm’s length.
With our towing hook fixation mechanism you can easily attach IXTAbox to any car with a towing hook.

ixtabox in different environments!

Not sure what size IXTAbox is best for you?

Check out our quick Box Guide to get a better idea of what IXTAbox is best for you.

Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact us to get a recommendation from our team.

Why IXTAbox?

Using an IXTAbox has a long list of benefits. We've detailed the most important ones.

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